SA61 Electro Hydraulic Crush Mobile


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This crush includes the frame and the options as fitted to the tried and tested SA0051 trimming crush. The major difference however is that the drawbar fitted to this crush is the folding type, so that it doesn’t need to be removed during operation. This system is patented. The crush has also been provided with a fold-up floor, greatly simplifying cleaning. The box comes standard with a lift and mover system, so that manpower is no longer required to set up the system. The new crush bears the name “Trimmaster RS”, RS standing for Rapid Setup, an indication that the conversion from transport setup to operating setup is exceptionally fast.







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Additional information

Weight 1200 kg

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Optional Extras

Optional Extras

Hydraulic lift Remote Control 3 Function Remote Control 5 Function Anti Walk Through Gate 15cm Extra Height Jockey Wheel Remote Removable LED Gearbox


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